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Vancouver Portrait Photographer || Shannon + Michael

There are so many things I love about Vancouver. The mountains, the air, the ocean, and the rain. You’re probably thinking, rain?? Yes, the rain.

I am aware that Vancouver has a reputation for ALWAYS raining; but guess what, it doesn’t get crazy snow storms or -9384759 degrees celcius weather. Yes, it can rain quite a bit especially in November, but I promise, it doesn’t rain ALL THE TIME.

There is something very refreshing and peaceful about Vancouver rain. It isn’t paired with blistering cold winds, nor four feet of snow. It doesn’t pierce your skin like tiny needles falling from the sky. It still smells like you’re in the great outdoors up in the mountains, when you are standing down on West Broadway/Cambie with people rushing by to the Canada Line and cars zooming past to get downtown. The people in Vancouver aren’t afraid of rain.


Earlier this year, my very close friends got engaged and I am beyond excited that a) they are getting married!!! and b) my husband and I are standing in their wedding. We always knew they would tie the knot because they are absolutely perfect together, and we are so incredibly happy that it’s happening! Their wedding is going to take place in Vancouver in 2014 and because I live so far away, I wanted to get an engagement photo in the brief time I had in BC last week. And as you may have guessed, it rained on the one day that we could get together. Thankfully, being both Vancouverites (Mike, you count as one now), the rain didn’t completely stop them from going down to Granville Island. However, the walk to the site kind of drenched him and he was soaked and shivering by the time we took these shots. Thanks for being troopers, but Mike, where was your raincoat? You should really know better, you’ve lived there for how long now? :p (No camera gear was damaged in the making of these shots).

Even though I am 6,153km away, (according to Google after finding our respective homes), I am wishing them a wonderful engagement and I will see them at the wedding!!!!!



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