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It has always amazed me in Nova Scotia that everyone knows everyone. The theory of six degrees of separation could be condensed to three degrees for anyone who has ever lived in Nova Scotia. Shauna was given my name through another photographer, and when I mentioned to my husband that I was heading down to meet with her in Truro a few months ago, he immediately recognized the name and told me that not only did they live just up the street from his family, but his sister and Shauna had been childhood friends! It’s cool to see how people are connected, and it really is a small world.

I was looking forward to this shoot for quite a while as it was my first time photographing an engagement session on a farm. I could probably count the number of times I have actually been to a farm on one hand (three times being within the past year in Nova Scotia). I grew up in suburbia outside of Vancouver, BC, where dogs were the extent of animal life, so this was super exciting for me. Especially because they wanted some photos with the cows, and this was my first introduction to a cow! They were friendlier than I thought they would be and they were giving me a few good poses in front of the camera.

When we originally scheduled this shoot, it called for rain and freezing wind (…at the end of April! What’s up with that Nova Scotia?), so we rescheduled a couple of times until we took a bit of a chance on a cloudy day. We definitely lucked out with the weather, it was about 16 degrees which let us shoot for over an hour without anyone getting cold. We shot on a few spots throughout the farm which was great for all of us because it will be the location of the wedding too! The sun was going in and out of the clouds creating different lighting situations, and as it was starting to set we headed up to the gravel pit as our last location and we caught incredible colours in the sky.

Shauna and Jeff’s wedding will be another wedding that I will be flying from Squamish to photograph in Truro, and I can’t wait to see what the farm will look like!


I met Megan over a year ago when we talked about doing some photos for her graduation. Our schedules didn’t work out and other commitments came around so we didn’t end up shooting. However, about 6 months later she emailed to say she was getting married! So I got to meet Robbie and photograph their engagement session before I left for Squamish, BC. I will also be photographing their wedding in August, so I get to come back and visit!

My husband had already taken our car across the country by the date of their session, so they kindly picked me up from other shoot and drove us to Glen Arbour Golf Course. On the way out to Hammonds Plains, the car suddenly came to a slow roll and we had run out of gas! Turns out they were too excited about the shoot, they forgot to stop at the gas station beforehand :). Luckily, (because it’s Nova Scotia) within 2 minutes someone had pulled over to help us get the car into a safe position on the side of the road and to drive Robbie to the nearest gas station and back (Thank you!!). While Robbie was working on getting us back on the road, Megan and I took some shots to catch the fading sun.

Even though we lost the sun into the clouds by the time we got to the golf course and started shooting, we were able to get some awesome shots that have a certain feel to them that I absolutely love! The complete overcast during sunset created deep beautiful colours in the landscape. It was a little cold with no sun and a bit of wind, but Robbie did a great job of keeping her warm in his arms.

They are an adorable couple and I can’t wait to come back and shoot their wedding!

The most fantastic part about having a best friend who’s a model, is that you get to test out different lighting setups just for fun! I very rarely shoot boudoir photography as TF work because I want to keep my portfolio as “genuine” as possible. I want my boudoir clients to look at my portfolio and know that the women they see are not models who know how to pose in front of the camera. Having said that, in the beginning I did shoot a lot of boudoir TF work to really understand the genre and practice. But now that I am comfortable with the way I shoot, I make an effort to not show clients my printed portfolio with images of models. I love that I can tell them that the women they see had the same apprehensive feeling of shooting a boudoir session for the first time. I can tell them that they also didn’t know how to pose, or what face to make. I am able to show them that every woman can create stunning images and come out of the session proud and feeling beautiful.

In this case, I couldn’t say no to a fun session with Carlyn. We have been friends since preschool back in our little home town, Tsawwassen, BC and she has been my trusty assistant on many of my boudoir sessions. She has been building her portfolio as a model and wanted to add a boudoir genre. This gave me a chance to play with some lighting setups which I always enjoy! (What photographer doesn’t…)

If you would like to book Carlyn for a shoot, she can be found through City Models.

MUA: Bailey Elliott

Hairstylist: Felicia Carson

I always feel so honoured when I get the chance to share images from my boudoir sessions. I completely understand that some women like to keep their photos private, but I love when I can show off how beautiful my clients are!

We shot this session in her own home using mostly natural light shining into her living room. The walls and furniture were all white so I was able to use soft bounce flash and a reflector (held by my reliable reflector assistant, Carlyn) to create a little more pop to the images. I find with boudoir sessions that the less equipment I have to deal with, the easier it is to get the client comfortable. I would love to shoot with purely natural light, but sometimes the location, the weather or the setting doesn’t allow it.

Also, when I’m shooting in some locations where my 50mm lens can’t see the whole picture, I end up in some pretty funny shooting stances. I think in this case, I was shooting from one side of the room to the other with my head against the wall trying to get as far back as possible. Throughout the session I was lying on the floor, sitting in the window, kneeling on the edge of a couch and leaning over a counter. I think I should make another behind the scenes boudoir video to show how much of a work out it is! (Watch the first BTS video here). I won’t shoot with a smaller focal length (wider view) because it creates unwanted distortion. I would sacrifice the total view of a scene over stretched facial features or limbs. (Which can be fixed in post, but my goal is to be shooting more and editing less).

Having said that, I have a lot of editing and posting to catch up on, so keep checking back for more blog posts!

The best thing about working with a team is the input from each perspective. When you have 4 different areas of the industry present, you can get all sorts of ideas, and the best thing to do is to work together! This shoot was SO MUCH FUN! All parties were so involved and so eager to make everything possible with the vision we were going for. We just understood each other and understood the feeling of the shoot.

I have always been inspired by the harsh raw kind of light, and have been striving to create it, but never got it to where I liked it. I think I did this time. We did two slightly different light setups (both hard light), and I have to say in this case, the harsher the better.

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE soft invisible light too, but harsh lighting just gives a feeling of “rockstar” light. I want viewers to see the images and go, wow, she’s pretty kick ass.

What do you see?


MUA: Alaura Timmons – https://www.facebook.com/makeupbyalaura

Hair: Dorothy Smith

Model: Hanna Ramsay

Studio: Aperture Studios – www.aperturestudios.ca







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