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As soon as we sat down and discussed what her goals were for this shoot, we were immediately on the same page. She is working on coming out with an EP for her music and wanted a subtle, calm and almost dreamlike feel to her images; perfectly complimenting her graceful personality. We knew we wanted a golden field, fall colours and maybe some forestry. The last two aspects were easy to find, but a golden field in Fort Nelson?

We had 48 hours to think of a location because she decided to fill a cancellation spot for her booking. The next day, my husband and I had stopped for some coffee and looked over at a huge field covered in tall grass across the street. No buildings in the background, tall trees, and a vast sky; it was perfect! And in town! The grass wasn’t perfectly golden, but we could make it work. We also shot a few images at the Demonstration Forest up on the hill for a little greenery. While we were shooting in the field, we had a lot of vehicles slow down as they drove past, watching to see what we were up to. I’m guessing that it’s not a normal occurrence to see people wandering around that field with props and a light stand. I hope the onlookers will view this post to see the final result!

Have a listen to Melinda’s music:

https://melinda-music.bandcamp.com/releases || https://m.facebook.com/goodmourningmusic


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Thick fog hovered throughout the trees and over the river when we arrived at our location last Saturday. It was surprisingly chilly that morning even though the sun was rising over the trees, giving out beautiful soft light. The surrounding areas were completely clear, as if the fog had stayed by the bridge just for us. I love the resulting effects on the backgrounds of the images giving them a light haze and mood. I aim to make every session unique, and the weather definitely helped us create something one of a kind.


A sneak peek of Miss J’s boudoir session.

This shoot happened within 3 days of the inquiry because she was determined to catch the wonderful colours of fall. She had so many great ideas for her session that we ending up shooting until it was too dark! It was an overcast evening but her sister stepped in as my assistant and did a great job with the lighting.:)

Boudoir doesn’t always have to be shot inside a bedroom, even though it is the most common and the first place we think of for a session. The great outdoors provides interesting elements, and sometimes even a horse!


A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by the Women of Industry Fort Nelson to attend their event to raise money for the Fort Nelson Senior Society. The Women of Industry host 4 events a year to raise money for various organizations within the town. As well, I was asked if I could donate a prize for their raffle draw. The event was called “Jukebox Mania” and listed contests for best costume, best dance, and best lip sync. I figured since I didn’t know anyone going to the event, I wouldn’t risk dressing up especially when I had no idea what to expect.

When I first arrived I had unknowingly parked on the wrong side of the building and there weren’t any other cars to be seen. I spent 10 minutes trying to find my way to the right room in the Rec Centre and ended up going in a circle. (Don’t ask me how… but it happened). I had to call my husband who was in Vancouver at the time to ask him if I was in the right place. When I finally found the room I was surprised to find a room FULL of women dressed in costumes as some of their favourite singers and bands. They had decorated the venue in music notes, posters, blow up guitars, and even a life size cardboard Gene Simmons and Luke Bryan (which were auctioned off at the end of the night).

I set my donation gift certificate down next to other prizes from local businesses, found a seat, and waited for the event to begin. As I suspected of a small town, all of the women knew each other and had their tables of teams set out for the games. I probably seemed pretty out of place with a giant table all to myself and instantly regretted sitting at a completely empty table, thinking it was going to be a very long night. Thankfully, within seconds Lorelei (owner of Gold Fever) came over and offered me a seat at her table. I met the other women at the table, although I may not recognize some of them as they went all out with the costumes.

The night consisted of many games of “name that tune” and some pretty outrageous contests. The dinner was buffet style and had so many wonderful desserts that I could have just filled up on cake. I was impressed that this event was so popular and well organized, and I was happy to see that my prize had several little raffle tickets in its bucket. I’m grateful to the table of women who invited me over and made what could have been a long night at an empty table, a fun night to remember.

As you can probably guess with this blog post, this family session is the outcome of the gift certificate. The Johnson family were the winners of the prize and were able to put it towards a fall session. They were so excited to have won that we had booked a time and date within a couple of days of the event, which reassured me that donating a prize was a good idea. The location was on a hill in Fort Nelson and it had an incredible view of the distant mountains and vast forests. It took a little bit to get the little ones smiling, but once they did I captured some priceless images (particularly when they didn’t think they were getting their picture taken).


I have to thank my husband, James, for finding this beautiful spot for photos. As we get to know Fort Nelson, most of the desired family photo areas are between 45 minutes and 3 hours away. As soon as you leave Fort Nelson, there is one highway/road and you’re surrounded by thick forest for hours. We are truly secluded and it’s still going to take some getting used to. I would love to shoot out in the rockies every day, but it’s not realistic as it’s a decent drive away.

The community trail in Fort Nelson is a popular place to walk dogs (when there isn’t a bear sighting), and while I was off in Halifax last month my husband came across a section of the trail that would provide beautiful colours and lighting. I’m hoping we can find more local spots that can transform into great settings, including using some of the buildings in town.

I also have to thank James for connecting me to the Tofte’s. He works with Mitchell, and after being invited to spend an afternoon at his campsite when we first moved, he discovered I was a photographer and said he was looking for family photos in the fall. Time flew by, and here they are!

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