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Sarah was excited to set up a couples session as she wanted some nice photos of herself and Andrew together. He was coming up to Fort Nelson for a visit (from Fort St John) so we scheduled their shoot while he was in town.

Little did she know it would turn out to be an engagement session, the Friday before our shoot he had proposed! Congratulations Sarah and Andrew!


If you saw my previous post with Nikita and Evan in a snowy scene, you wouldn’t believe that this session was shot on the same day. Fort Nelson has the most inconsistent and unpredictable weather, even more than Halifax!

Kailey and Mason wanted photos to celebrate their 2 year anniversary, and have never had a session together before. They were completely comfortable in front of the camera and handled the chilly weather like champs. When Kailey suggested Parker Lake, she warned me that it was just a driveway and a dock. I wasn’t entirely convinced until we arrived and sure enough… there was just a driveway and a dock. There weren’t a lot of options for backgrounds or textures but using the lake created wonderful reflections. Kailey had seen a photo I had posted of Shauna and Jeff’s engagement session with their reflection in a puddle, and knew she wanted something like it. I have to admit, the last photo in this post is one of my all time favourites.


I met with Nikita a couple of months ago to discuss an engagement shoot.  She and her husband to be (Evan) both happen to be newfoundlanders who, like us, have found their way across the country only to stay  in Fort Nelson B.C.  When she mentioned doing the session in the middle of October I had pictured nice fall colours and a warm autumn day. I had no idea we would be shooting in a few inches of snow…

We shot on the Fort Nelson Poplar Hills Golf Course, which gave us beautiful tall trees as the background. It was freezing cold that morning and I wanted to keep them moving throughout the session so we wouldn’t end up with any stiff poses. They were even up for a few snowy shots! Nikita and Evan also wanted a couple of images of another big announcement, see below! Congratulations Nikita and Evan!

This is the first wedding I have worked where I knew the couple outside of being their photographer. My earliest memory of Matt (which I’m sure he won’t remember) was back around grade 6 or 7 when I showed up at his house with a couple of friends to see if he wanted to go for a bike ride. Jalen and I became friends during our days with the high school choir and we have quite a few fun memories of our field trips and song medleys, including pretending we were giant plates for Disney’s “Be Our Guest”. I knew each of them separately, and we had all attended the same elementary school and high school.

Common with teenagers, there are always different cliques at high school such as “band kids”, the “drama kids” etc. High school, right? Jalen and Matt were definitely part of the “drama/music kids”. They were involved in every play and every musical that the school put on. They consistently stood out as female and male leads, having such an engaging stage presence and ability to entertain an audience. Back then, I remember thinking and hoping that they would eventually come together. Almost a decade later, I found myself sitting in a coffee shop across from Jalen as she discussed her wedding plans to marry the man she has always loved.

When I arrived at the house at 9:30am on the wedding day, friends and family were already rushing around putting out decor for the ceremony and reception. The tent in the backyard had a country rustic feeling that matched the intimate theme. Old books, lanterns and apples were the centrepieces of tables, and chalkboards were used as signs and labels.  The bouquets were being put together, the tables were being arranged – and then rearranged, the music and lights were being set up, and everyone seemed to have a part to play. Even Jalen was running around putting decorations out and organizing last minute details. At one point she said jokingly, here I am setting up the wedding when the boys are probably just hanging around waiting to get ready!

Jalen and Matt had decided on doing a “first look” before the ceremony. They had chosen the theatre they had performed in together during their high school years. While I was getting my equipment organized, Matt was pacing, jumping, singing, dancing, and anxiously waiting for the moment to begin. He was so excited that I had to remind him to stay in the same spot for my light testing to work. When the moment finally came and he turned around to see his bride, so much love had spread across each of their faces and tears of joy had started to form. Soulmates were married that day.

Congratulations Jalen and Matt, I am so happy for you both.

Kiera and Adlin are an easygoing couple and completely in love. I met with Kiera about a month ago to discuss wedding photography packages for 2015. She already had her date set, along with the day she wanted her engagement session. October 1st, snow or sun, we would shoot! She is decisive and organized; appreciable traits for a bride-to-be. The night before the session she messaged to say the weather called for snow, “so bring boots!”  We were shooting on a farm and it was wet and cold. When we arrived they had coffee and tea ready for us (Kiera and I share the love of peppermint tea) and even some homemade chocolate chip banana muffins – which were delicious! We ate them on the ride home. And by we, I mean, I … because they tasted so good I couldn’t stop! Kiera and Adlin will be tying the knot next July in Fort Nelson and it’s going to be a blast!

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