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I had a wonderful surprise this afternoon from my soon-to-be family! I was showered with food and gifts! It’s crazy how fast time flies, to think that I’ll be married in less than 8 weeks! Having said that, the last time I saw these two kids, one was just a tiny baby and the other was a foot smaller!

I have been watching the Creative Live Lindsay Adler Workshop, and I came upon her tip about lens flare objects that she shoots through. It really reminded me of an older project I did where I used flowers as an object in front of the camera to give it a colourful effect. Here are some samples:


A couple of weeks ago I assisted a friend photographer as a second shooter for a baby shower. First of all, I was impressed that the organizers hired a professional photographer because that reassures me that there are still people out there who care more for quality images than let’s say, Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, Instagram is great. But for those important events, do you really want to look back on tiny, grainy, even maybe blurry images? I wouldn’t think so. Second of all, the amount of planning and details that went into this shower was amazing. We got to eat some of the treats and the cake pops were probably the best cake pops I have ever tasted. Here are just a couple of images from the day!

F a c e b o o k   P o s t s
I n s t a g r a m
R e v i e w s
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