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A couple of weeks ago I assisted a friend photographer as a second shooter for a baby shower. First of all, I was impressed that the organizers hired a professional photographer because that reassures me that there are still people out there who care more for quality images than let’s say, Instagram. Don’t get me wrong, Instagram is great. But for those important events, do you really want to look back on tiny, grainy, even maybe blurry images? I wouldn’t think so. Second of all, the amount of planning and details that went into this shower was amazing. We got to eat some of the treats and the cake pops were probably the best cake pops I have ever tasted. Here are just a couple of images from the day!

Another reason to know I’m not a kid anymore… jumping in puddles seems very unappealing.

A few months ago I was asked to hide outside in the dark with a 200mm lens and wait for a proposal. Her reaction to the surprise proposal was one of the cutest pictures I have ever captured. Now, I am excited to show you their engagement photos that were taken down in Wolfville, where they met. It was a beautiful day which made for a beautiful sunset, so here they are! I am overjoyed and can’t wait until I shoot their wedding in Bermuda.


A couple of months ago I was hired to photograph a kid’s dance show which was a ton of fun. My favourite number was the 3 year old ballerinas because they were most definitely the cutest.

This afternoon I went out to Dartmouth to photograph some Japanese teppanyaki. For those of you who do not know what it is, it is a style of cooking food with an iron griddle. Most restaurants that offer teppanyaki have the chef cook the food right in front of the customers so that when it’s cooked, they can just serve it across the counter. Today I was served beef, chicken, fried rice and vegetables cooked with a teriyaki sauce. It was a lot of fun to watch the chef work and how fast his hands can move! It was also cool to feel the heat waves as the flames rose up as he worked. If you have never tried teppanyaki, you should.



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