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This is my first fashion shoot out in Victoria, B.C. It was great to be back shooting creative images and using new lighting techniques. I recently purchased an Apollo Orb and instantly fell in love with it. It’s so easy to transport, and it sets up in seconds – I don’t know why I didn’t grab one earlier! Combined with my SB-910 speedlight, it gives off a pretty good overall light considering it’s only 1 speedlight inside (for now). I loved using it as a side light, really giving shadows on the subject to create more depth but it works well as a front and back light too.

I’m super stoked to use it in upcoming weddings, to really make images pop!


Here’s another family photo session shot at Ed MacGregor park in Sooke. This park is one of my go-to spots because it has so many different backgrounds to choose from – a field of green grass, beautiful background shrubs, and benches lining the park. It ALMOST started to rain on us but we were lucky, and it held off for just enough time to get these shots! I’ve learned to expect rain when living in Sooke… the area has amazing locations, but you have to catch them before (or after) the rain!


This family session was photographed down at Whiffin Spit – a beautiful walkway in the middle of the water overlooking Sooke. It’s a popular place to get an hour’s walk in, or let the family dog run! My husband and I bring our 3 fur babies (and our baby boy) down there for some exercise and they always have a great time.

I suggested to the Baylin’s that they bring their family dog, Moose, to the session because fur babies are part of the family too and when they received their photos, they were so happy to have him included too! #petsarefamilytoo

I didn’t notice at first that this little cutie’s shoe had fallen off in one of the sets of photos, but as all new moms know, nothing stays on their feet!! So I had to include this photo too:)

A little late in posting these photos because it was still fall weather… my little guy has been keeping me busy!

This perfect family met me at Ed Macgregor park in Sooke for a quick family photo session. I can’t get over how absolutely adorable this little girl is in her outfit!! She was full of smiles and loved cuddles from mommy and daddy!

I have more sessions to post, so stay tuned!


I’ve finally had the chance to set up my computer and go through these images to make a blog post! It’s been a crazy past month to say the least (more on that later)!

I am thrilled to be able to share this boudoir session because it is PHENOMENAL. I repeat, PHENOMENAL.

We originally planned to shoot at a different location but when we arrived, there were people camping where we wanted to set up, so we quickly headed out to another spot. Having an audience during a shoot is weird enough, but with boudoir, you don’t want any on lookers.

Luckily for us, this light and location turned out even better than we could have planned. The lake was silent and still which allowed us to get great reflections in the water, and for the most part the mosquitos stayed away! There was a moment when we noticed a leech attached to her foot as she came out of the water, but she tore it off, went back in the water, and kept on going! #trooper

The extra travel time to the new location had us shooting at the exact hour that the sun was setting creating that BEAUTIFUL warm look. The outfits were chosen, the poses were mastered, and the expressions were perfected.

Miss J, you absolutely rocked your session.


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