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Trista and Christian were married about two and a half years ago in the same gazebo that you see below. They live in Germany and were back for the holidays when they contacted me to get some photos done! Their wedding was the first I have ever photographed, and it started my love for wedding photography. I had been with Christian and his groomsmen getting ready, and I remember how calm and collected he was as we headed down to the ceremony. When Trista appeared in her beautiful dress from around the corner, you could see both of their faces light up. As you can see now, nothing has changed.



I have known Claire since elementary school where we would spend countless hours together watching movies, shopping, and just being best friends. This past summer she traveled all the way to Nova Scotia for my wedding, which just proves that we will always have each other’s backs. During my visit to Vancouver to see friends and family, I wanted to do a special shoot for her and her boyfriend, Craig, at Granville Island. They have been together for a few years now and I’m sad I only was able to spend an afternoon with them, but I promise to go back soon. Our 12 year old selves would say that they are meant to be together because their names both start with C (right, Claire? :p). Their names match, their personalities match, and overall they are just a great fit and completely adorable as you can see below:



A new boutique opened up in Halifax on Spring Garden and I was excited to partner with the owner in order to come up with a winter shoot! With all the great pieces, it was hard to choose which ones to photograph. I wanted to capture the theme of the boutique as it is catering to Canadian fashionistas. The pieces are unique and have a rustic glam feel. This is what we came up with! Happy Shopping!

Thank you to Courtney, my assistants and models. It was quite the team effort on the first winter day in Halifax.


Barbara and Shaun met at Mount Saint Vincent University back in 2007. It was a love-at-first-sight kind of story when they met in class, and from the short time I was with them, I could tell that they are completely in love. Barbara came to me about a month ago to arrange an engagement session for when Shaun was here to visit (he works down in lovely Bermuda, so he was a trooper to suddenly be thrown outside in the Nova Scotia temperature again). For their session, we headed out to their old campus and despite the cold wind, we captured some great shots! Thankfully, my assistant Mike had his car, so we were able to take short breaks and crank up the heat! Here are a few images!


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