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I wanted to do something fun, something creative, and something challenging! This photo was only a vision in my head until I had the help of so many wonderful people in the Halifax photography industry.

It started out with my fellow photographer friend Mike Phang and I talking about interesting ideas to shoot. He had the awesome idea of doing a spread like you see in Vanity Fair when they put out the “Oscar Nominees” or “Best Of” for the year. But then the ideas started to evolve into something that wasn’t so focused on the people in the picture, but rather a story in the image. Mike had been shooting behind the scenes of many of my shoots, so I thought, why not shoot a moment in behind the scenes, but just replace everyone with models?

I was very lucky to have so many people wanting to be involved, and I am also very thankful to be given the space and time to create this image.

Creative Director and Photo Assistant: Mike Phang

Models (from Left to Right): Stephanie Loder, Kiersten Hackett, Carlyn Shaw, Lin Lin Ngu, Kaitlin Knox, Tamara Chemij, Adrienne Henley, Tasha MacDonald, Karen Murdock

Hairstylists: Laura Lewis, Dorothy Smith, Lucia Dorado, Xander Jenkins

Make up Artists: Bailey Elliott, Rebecca MercerLucia Dorado

Stylist: Elise Comrie

Behind the Scenes Video: Dillon Garland, River Point Films

All Garments from Brent McCombs at Shadow House Studios

And a very special thanks to Steve Richard

Shot in Shadow House Studios



halifax photography

  • Sadie Rosgen

    I love this! So visceral and creative. I would love to a part of something this infused. Congrats on seeing what the imagination sees.ReplyCancel

I woke up this morning, looked out the window at the arrival of the overnight snowstorm and thought: thanks universe, for taking away all of my light today. It was cloudy and grey… Not even light grey! A dark and depressing kind of grey… I have shoots planned! I have places to be!… So I got out of bed and thought of different kinds of lighting and what I would need. The shoots the day before had wonderful light flowing through the windows like I had expected for the whole weekend. But now I was stuck with hardly anything. However, thanks to a shower curtain and a great assistant, I was able to come up with something.

Here is one session from the boudoir weekend! She had it all planned out, down to the vacuum to clean up all the feathers!


During the week of my wedding last year in August, I was so busy thinking of what I had to still prepare or where I had to be, that a lot of that week just remains a blur to me. I mean, I still remember certain events but I can’t separate the time frame. Today, while sorting through the images that I took during that week, I came across these 4. They were taken the day before the wedding at the “Meet and Greet” for all of the wedding guests. I had completely forgotten that I had sat each of them down just long enough to take about 3 frames each before the celebrations began.

These 4 amazing people came all the way from Vancouver to witness and be a part of my wedding day. I still can’t believe that they were all here in Nova Scotia at the same time! Looking at these images, I am reminded at how lucky I am to have these people in my life. They showered me with gifts and made sure the whole week was just perfect. It’s hard being away sometimes, but it was great to see them at Christmas and see how time and distance doesn’t change a thing between us.

I’ll come back, I promise.

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