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When I saw this headpiece in Better Than Her Boutique in Spring Garden Place, I knew I had to buy it and I had to shoot it! I put together a wonderful team, Dorothy Smith (hair), Alysha Bouchard (model) and Carlyn Shaw (assistant) and we headed out to the park to get some shots! The morning sun was absolutely gorgeous and we couldn’t have asked for a better morning.

Recently, I discovered something about my photography and my “style” that I knew existed, but didn’t really “know”, you know? My husband tends to point out the things I don’t necessarily realize, and I am grateful for that. I have now realized that I shoot very bright photos. Very bright. I don’t believe there is anything wrong in doing so, however for my own sake and creativity I am going to try to shoot darker, and I’m going to start trying new ways of editing. (Hence the eclectic set of photos in this post). I shot a set of photos the other week with one light in studio. They produced very dark and dramatic photos and I found myself stuck on what I wanted the final image to feel and look like. The photos are great photos, and I got some awesome shots of the model, I just couldn’t understand the process in my mind without vibrant colours or multiple light sources. So here is my first, of what I hope to be many posts, on trying different “looks”.

I had been wanting to shoot with coloured powders for a while and luckily the Run or Dye had come to Halifax this past weekend and I had a friend pick up a few packets to test out. (Thanks Hayley!) We tried pink, purple, green, orange and finally yellow. I was hesitant on using the yellow because I was afraid that being backlit the yellow would just become this big bright overexposed cloud behind her. However, we saved it for last and we did a one shot throw with the whole packet! To my surprise, it was the best shot. Thank you to Carlyn and Dorothy for being troopers on throwing so much powder! Oh, and I really hope it doesn’t stain :p

I had the opportunity to work with Kwestomar Kreations on both their fashion show at the Westin Nova Scotia and their upcoming Fall catalogue. They offer both men’s and women’s clothing in beautiful styles and colours. I ended up ordering the Blue and Gold skirt suit (shown below) and I’m super excited for when it arrives! September has been a busy month for fashion, so I will be posting much more in this category soon!



I have been meaning to shoot with Kelly for a while, but our schedules never matched, or the weather didn’t cooperate! Luckily, summer has stuck around a little while longer in Halifax.


Boudoir photography doesn’t always have to be indoors! On location shoots always have interested backgrounds and props to use, to make it a unique session. Here are some shots taken in a beautiful home garden for an anniversary present. The tricky thing about shooting in a garden with natural light is the reflection of grass, leaves, trees, and other green foliage that is nearby! We used a white scarf as a neutral reflector to get rid of most of the green tints that were showing up. And as you can see, it worked well!

I am so lucky to have clients who let me share their images:)


Our original plan was to shoot last Tuesday in Cole Harbour, however the weather was against us and decided to POUR rain all evening. A couple of hours before we were about to head out, we rescheduled for the coming Thursday in hopes that the weather would cooperate. We changed plans and went to Alderney Landing, Dartmouth, and to my surprise the light was amazing! I had never shot in the little park adjacent to the ferry terminal but I can definitely say that I will shoot there again!

I met Carly and Dillon through school, Carly was in the same photography program as I, and Dillon was in the Digital Filmmaking program. Carly is a wonderful photographer and it was Dillon who convinced her to enroll in the program to further her skills and experience. Dillon has actually created all 3 of my BTS videos, which you can view on my YouTube Channel, and is the creator of River Point Films. The most recent video he did for me was a large project shoot at which I gave him a voucher for a 1 hour shoot as a gift, so they decided to get some photos done together! They found old film cameras and used them as props for a couple of shots, one for stills and one for video even! It was such a nice evening and we were just loving the view of the Halifax skyline from across the water.


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