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I have been meaning to shoot with Kelly for a while, but our schedules never matched, or the weather didn’t cooperate! Luckily, summer has stuck around a little while longer in Halifax.


Boudoir photography doesn’t always have to be indoors! On location shoots always have interested backgrounds and props to use, to make it a unique session. Here are some shots taken in a beautiful home garden for an anniversary present. The tricky thing about shooting in a garden with natural light is the reflection of grass, leaves, trees, and other green foliage that is nearby! We used a white scarf as a neutral reflector to get rid of most of the green tints that were showing up. And as you can see, it worked well!

I am so lucky to have clients who let me share their images:)


Our original plan was to shoot last Tuesday in Cole Harbour, however the weather was against us and decided to POUR rain all evening. A couple of hours before we were about to head out, we rescheduled for the coming Thursday in hopes that the weather would cooperate. We changed plans and went to Alderney Landing, Dartmouth, and to my surprise the light was amazing! I had never shot in the little park adjacent to the ferry terminal but I can definitely say that I will shoot there again!

I met Carly and Dillon through school, Carly was in the same photography program as I, and Dillon was in the Digital Filmmaking program. Carly is a wonderful photographer and it was Dillon who convinced her to enroll in the program to further her skills and experience. Dillon has actually created all 3 of my BTS videos, which you can view on my YouTube Channel, and is the creator of River Point Films. The most recent video he did for me was a large project shoot at which I gave him a voucher for a 1 hour shoot as a gift, so they decided to get some photos done together! They found old film cameras and used them as props for a couple of shots, one for stills and one for video even! It was such a nice evening and we were just loving the view of the Halifax skyline from across the water.


This amazing lady was somewhat hesitant about her shoot, however after a couple of poses, she was a natural! The result? She was completely thrilled with the images and couldn’t wait to print them! She was even so excited about them, that she let me share some with you!

I had a discussion today with a fellow photographer about boudoir photography, and was thinking about how much “style” is an essential part of this genre. It is a delicate genre and picking your boudoir photographer is an important decision. If you are thinking of setting up a session, study the photographer’s work and see if it gives off the message you are looking for. My “style” is definitely more intimate and sensual whereas other photographers can be more edgy and sexy. Pick a photographer that best suits your style, and stick to it. When I pose my clients, I always say that if there are any poses that they are not comfortable with, to tell me, and we will move onto something else. Comfort and trust are absolutely necessary in a boudoir session, so I would always recommend a consultation with your chosen photographer.

I was contacted by this lovely lady a few weeks ago to photograph a Bachelorette Boudoir Party, which was such an awesome idea! For all the brides and bridesmaids reading this, definitely consider having a boudoir bachelorette! *cough* Shannon! *cough*.

Each of the bridesmaids had their hair and make up done by my awesome team Laura Lewis (hairstylist at Eco Chic) and Bailey Elliott (make up artist), then had their own mini sessions with me! I’m thankful that I am able to share these images with you, because she totally rocked her session! It was her first boudoir experience and she loved it! I must admit, the best thing about being a photographer is that feeling when you hand over images and they absolutely love them!

I believe that a lot of women have that little desire to look like we belong in a magazine. I also believe that every woman should feel that way once in a while, whether they believe they can or not. I’ve heard a lot of excuses, with the most popular being, “I want to, but I will wait until after I lose blank pounds”. But you know what? The time is now. Don’t just do it for your significant other, do it for yourself. Celebrate YOU. It is time to prove to yourself that you look amazing right NOW.

Book your session and let me show you.

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