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ESME Original Jacket:

Description taken from their FB pageThe Esmé Original Jacket, matched with leggings, jeans or a cute little black dress will quickly become your signature piece… your “go-to” outfit when you want to look spectacular. This jacket is available in size 6 – 8 – 10 – 12 – 14. And every esmé ORIGINAL JACKET is produced in limited numbers right here in Nova Scotia. Only a few made in each fabric, so don’t wait too long to treat yourself. After all, you deserve it! Original jackets from Nova Scotia designer Pamela Matheson. Call us at 1-855-711-5556 or email info@esmejacket.com to purchase your jacket.

Here are a few preview shots of models Brittany and Catherine that will be featured on the ESME Original website coming soon!



One of the best things about being a photographer is going out and shooting creative personal projects. This allows free range in the outcome of images and sometimes the best ones happen unexpectedly.

I would say that most of my personal creative shoots are impulsive. I’ll be sitting down reading a book, or in the middle of a conversation, when an idea will pop into my head and suddenly my mind is reeling, trying to figure out the logistics of my idea: the subject, location, props, lighting and the feel of the image. I’ll always be going for the one specific shot that popped into my head, but most of the time my favourite final images are those that came about while shooting.

This shoot in Antigonish took more planning than usual as Kaitlin was very kind to let us use her farm and her lovely horse, Ghost. I knew I wanted a long flowy dress and a flower headpiece, so I went out to buy materials and set myself up for a day of crafting. The headpieces were surprisingly easy to make, but I was not an expert at using the hot glue gun. I definitely burned myself a few times; hot glue on fingernails is not fun. I made two headpieces; one that had summer coloured flowers with a small styrofoam bird perched on top, and one that had fall coloured leaves and flowers. I originally planned to use the summer coloured one, but the overall verdict from my brilliant assistants was that the fall coloured headpiece suited the scene best with the already changing leaves in the background.

The shot I was going for was to have Kaitlin standing beside Ghost, facing camera, with a very peaceful expression and mood. However, after a few moments of meeting Ghost, I knew she didn’t want to stay still for too long, especially with all of these strange people around. So, I photographed Kaitlin walking her through the field and it turned out that I still got that shot, plus some.

This past Thanksgiving I headed down to Cape John for a family session and brought along my husband as my handy-dandy assistant! The Giles’ live on an adorable farm filled with goats, chickens and ducks! The animals weren’t as willing to have their photograph taken though… Their family dog, Raven, is amazingly 15 years old and I waited for the perfect shot to capture that cute face.

We arrived early to the house as I wanted to check out the farm beforehand and while they organized themselves, I shot a few frames of their perfect country home with their wood stove keeping us all warm. Even though I have always been a city girl, when I’m invited into houses like these, I want to run off with my husband, buy a house in the middle of a field, forget technology and grow my own food. But then I remember, I have an addiction to social media, so perhaps not the part about forgetting technology. I am truly amazed by the fact that the Giles’ can just head out to their backyard and get some fresh eggs and vegetables. Amazed, and jealous.

As our shoot progressed, the sun decided to come in and out of the clouds which helped keep us from getting too cold in the fall weather. And to no surprise, once the tractor came out as a prop, my husband just had to take it for a ride. So while I lost my assistant for a few minutes, I took a few shots of the little one as she examined the changing leaves. I was impressed at how cooperative she was with a giant lens being pointed at her constantly.

After we wrapped up, my husband and I took a nice Sunday drive through the country fields back to Truro where we had Thanksgiving dinner with his family. I will be posting some photos of the niece and nephews from Thanksgiving shortly:)


  • Terry

    LOVE THEM! Thank you so much for thisReplyCancel

  • Linda and Trevor Hayes

    Hi Stephanie,

    Terry just shared your link with us…and what a pleasure it was!! We’re Terry’s second cousins from California who just visited their home for the first time last month. You certainly captured some VERY SWEET parts of their interior and exterior environment not to mention the family grouping!! Everyone looks SO relaxed and genuinely happy! Fantastic!! This peek was especially nice for us because we didn’t get to see Amber and Hayley with their respective mates and Meegwam when we were there. What a bonus! Loved your little introduction to the photo session too.

    Many Thanks,
    Linda and Trevor HayesReplyCancel

When I saw this headpiece in Better Than Her Boutique in Spring Garden Place, I knew I had to buy it and I had to shoot it! I put together a wonderful team, Dorothy Smith (hair), Alysha Bouchard (model) and Carlyn Shaw (assistant) and we headed out to the park to get some shots! The morning sun was absolutely gorgeous and we couldn’t have asked for a better morning.

Recently, I discovered something about my photography and my “style” that I knew existed, but didn’t really “know”, you know? My husband tends to point out the things I don’t necessarily realize, and I am grateful for that. I have now realized that I shoot very bright photos. Very bright. I don’t believe there is anything wrong in doing so, however for my own sake and creativity I am going to try to shoot darker, and I’m going to start trying new ways of editing. (Hence the eclectic set of photos in this post). I shot a set of photos the other week with one light in studio. They produced very dark and dramatic photos and I found myself stuck on what I wanted the final image to feel and look like. The photos are great photos, and I got some awesome shots of the model, I just couldn’t understand the process in my mind without vibrant colours or multiple light sources. So here is my first, of what I hope to be many posts, on trying different “looks”.

I had been wanting to shoot with coloured powders for a while and luckily the Run or Dye had come to Halifax this past weekend and I had a friend pick up a few packets to test out. (Thanks Hayley!) We tried pink, purple, green, orange and finally yellow. I was hesitant on using the yellow because I was afraid that being backlit the yellow would just become this big bright overexposed cloud behind her. However, we saved it for last and we did a one shot throw with the whole packet! To my surprise, it was the best shot. Thank you to Carlyn and Dorothy for being troopers on throwing so much powder! Oh, and I really hope it doesn’t stain :p

I had the opportunity to work with Kwestomar Kreations on both their fashion show at the Westin Nova Scotia and their upcoming Fall catalogue. They offer both men’s and women’s clothing in beautiful styles and colours. I ended up ordering the Blue and Gold skirt suit (shown below) and I’m super excited for when it arrives! September has been a busy month for fashion, so I will be posting much more in this category soon!



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