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Halifax Portrait Photographer – The Giles’

This past Thanksgiving I headed down to Cape John for a family session and brought along my husband as my handy-dandy assistant! The Giles’ live on an adorable farm filled with goats, chickens and ducks! The animals weren’t as willing to have their photograph taken though… Their family dog, Raven, is amazingly 15 years old and I waited for the perfect shot to capture that cute face.

We arrived early to the house as I wanted to check out the farm beforehand and while they organized themselves, I shot a few frames of their perfect country home with their wood stove keeping us all warm. Even though I have always been a city girl, when I’m invited into houses like these, I want to run off with my husband, buy a house in the middle of a field, forget technology and grow my own food. But then I remember, I have an addiction to social media, so perhaps not the part about forgetting technology. I am truly amazed by the fact that the Giles’ can just head out to their backyard and get some fresh eggs and vegetables. Amazed, and jealous.

As our shoot progressed, the sun decided to come in and out of the clouds which helped keep us from getting too cold in the fall weather. And to no surprise, once the tractor came out as a prop, my husband just had to take it for a ride. So while I lost my assistant for a few minutes, I took a few shots of the little one as she examined the changing leaves. I was impressed at how cooperative she was with a giant lens being pointed at her constantly.

After we wrapped up, my husband and I took a nice Sunday drive through the country fields back to Truro where we had Thanksgiving dinner with his family. I will be posting some photos of the niece and nephews from Thanksgiving shortly:)


  • Terry

    LOVE THEM! Thank you so much for thisReplyCancel

  • Linda and Trevor Hayes

    Hi Stephanie,

    Terry just shared your link with us…and what a pleasure it was!! We’re Terry’s second cousins from California who just visited their home for the first time last month. You certainly captured some VERY SWEET parts of their interior and exterior environment not to mention the family grouping!! Everyone looks SO relaxed and genuinely happy! Fantastic!! This peek was especially nice for us because we didn’t get to see Amber and Hayley with their respective mates and Meegwam when we were there. What a bonus! Loved your little introduction to the photo session too.

    Many Thanks,
    Linda and Trevor HayesReplyCancel

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