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Halifax Portrait Photographer – Kathleen’s Tatamagouche Prom

I love everything about prom. The dresses, the hairstyles, the sparkles, and the anticipation. When I arrived, the daring Kathleen was out getting her hair CUT for prom! She is one of the only girls I have ever heard of to arrange a drastic haircut the day of the prom. The other girls and moms were waiting eagerly to see how it would turn out, and when she walked in the door, her girlfriends screamed in approval!

Tatamagouche had about 30 graduates this year, which is hard for me to believe, as I came from a high school of about 300 graduates. It was amazing to see such a small graduating class, giving such a definite sense of community. It was 30+ degrees with the sun blazing down on all of the grads, I can only imagine how hot the gowns and suits would have been. Furthermore, the last image taught me how challenging it is to shout direction to a large group of people in such hot weather, it almost took my voice for the day. The graduating tradition was to rent vehicles (mostly vintage looking) to ride around the town as their parade ceremony and I quickly took Kathleen aside to get a quick shot next to the unique firetruck.



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