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Halifax Portrait Photographer – Mother and Daughter

My best friend’s mother came across the country from Vancouver to visit and it was a whirlwind tour as they tried to capture the full maritime experience in just a few days. They managed to shoot through the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, pass through New Brunswick and enjoy parts of Prince Edward Island. They were even able to spend a couple of days in my “stomping grounds” the adorable little town of Wolfville, where my husband and I were married. I was amazed that they were able to squeeze in a shoot on the last day of the visit! Thankfully the weather cooperated too!

After the visit I got to thinking about how I hadn’t seen them together since Carlyn and I were in high school. Both of us moved away for university and we have mostly seen each other when we lived in Wolfville or now in Halifax. We have hardly visited back home at the same time, so it’s been almost a decade since I was with them both. I noticed how their dynamics had slightly changed and I started thinking back on my own relationship with my mother.

From a daughter’s point of view, it is amazing how the relationship between daughter and mother changes as the daughter grows older. In my case, and I’m sure in many other cases, when I was a child I looked up to my mother for everything. I wanted to BE her! When I grew into my teenage years, it was quite the opposite. I was definitely going through a rebellious teenage stage. I couldn’t see, and almost refused to see, that she never did anything wrong. She was there supporting me and looking out for me, yet I¬†criticized¬†her every move; I knew better, she didn’t! In hindsight, I have no idea how she put up with me and I realize how awful I was to her sometimes. As years passed and I slowly matured from that stage, I started to go back to looking up to her for answers. I started to understand that mothers can be friends too, and that’s all they ever wanted. It’s common knowledge that the teenage years are the hardest, for both the parents and the children, but I wish I hadn’t been such a terror at times. As I move on into my adult life, I think about how one day I hope to have a daughter, and I hope that she realizes these things much faster than I did, so we can develop faster into being friends.

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