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Halifax Photographer – Kyla Nicolle – Model/Performer

When I first moved to Halifax, and I was just being introduced to the modelling industry, I was assisting a fellow photographer who had Kyla as the model. All the work I had (and still do) see her in was so well put together from all participating parties, and the concepts were executed perfectly creating amazing images! I knew that I wanted to work with her, but I felt like I needed to come up with an idea and lighting that was cool, different, and interesting! Time went on, I lacked creativity, and the logistics weren’t right. But then I started thinking back on this article that I had read, that sometimes creativity comes from the simplest things. Sometimes you have to tear down everything you know and start from the beginning. Keep it simple. So I took away all the lights, all the ideas, let Kyla be Kyla, and just kept it simple.


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