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Halifax Fashion Photographer – Alysha

When I saw this headpiece in Better Than Her Boutique in Spring Garden Place, I knew I had to buy it and I had to shoot it! I put together a wonderful team, Dorothy Smith (hair), Alysha Bouchard (model) and Carlyn Shaw (assistant) and we headed out to the park to get some shots! The morning sun was absolutely gorgeous and we couldn’t have asked for a better morning.

Recently, I discovered something about my photography and my “style” that I knew existed, but didn’t really “know”, you know? My husband tends to point out the things I don’t necessarily realize, and I am grateful for that. I have now realized that I shoot very bright photos. Very bright. I don’t believe there is anything wrong in doing so, however for my own sake and creativity I am going to try to shoot darker, and I’m going to start trying new ways of editing. (Hence the eclectic set of photos in this post). I shot a set of photos the other week with one light in studio. They produced very dark and dramatic photos and I found myself stuck on what I wanted the final image to feel and look like. The photos are great photos, and I got some awesome shots of the model, I just couldn’t understand the process in my mind without vibrant colours or multiple light sources. So here is my first, of what I hope to be many posts, on trying different “looks”.

I had been wanting to shoot with coloured powders for a while and luckily the Run or Dye had come to Halifax this past weekend and I had a friend pick up a few packets to test out. (Thanks Hayley!) We tried pink, purple, green, orange and finally yellow. I was hesitant on using the yellow because I was afraid that being backlit the yellow would just become this big bright overexposed cloud behind her. However, we saved it for last and we did a one shot throw with the whole packet! To my surprise, it was the best shot. Thank you to Carlyn and Dorothy for being troopers on throwing so much powder! Oh, and I really hope it doesn’t stain :p

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