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Halifax Boudoir Photographer – Blue

This amazing lady was somewhat hesitant about her shoot, however after a couple of poses, she was a natural! The result? She was completely thrilled with the images and couldn’t wait to print them! She was even so excited about them, that she let me share some with you!

I had a discussion today with a fellow photographer about boudoir photography, and was thinking about how much “style” is an essential part of this genre. It is a delicate genre and picking your boudoir photographer is an important decision. If you are thinking of setting up a session, study the photographer’s work and see if it gives off the message you are looking for. My “style” is definitely more intimate and sensual whereas other photographers can be more edgy and sexy. Pick a photographer that best suits your style, and stick to it. When I pose my clients, I always say that if there are any poses that they are not comfortable with, to tell me, and we will move onto something else. Comfort and trust are absolutely necessary in a boudoir session, so I would always recommend a consultation with your chosen photographer.

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