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Fashion Photographer – Antigonish, N.S.

One of the best things about being a photographer is going out and shooting creative personal projects. This allows free range in the outcome of images and sometimes the best ones happen unexpectedly.

I would say that most of my personal creative shoots are impulsive. I’ll be sitting down reading a book, or in the middle of a conversation, when an idea will pop into my head and suddenly my mind is reeling, trying to figure out the logistics of my idea: the subject, location, props, lighting and the feel of the image. I’ll always be going for the one specific shot that popped into my head, but most of the time my favourite final images are those that came about while shooting.

This shoot in Antigonish took more planning than usual as Kaitlin was very kind to let us use her farm and her lovely horse, Ghost. I knew I wanted a long flowy dress and a flower headpiece, so I went out to buy materials and set myself up for a day of crafting. The headpieces were surprisingly easy to make, but I was not an expert at using the hot glue gun. I definitely burned myself a few times; hot glue on fingernails is not fun. I made two headpieces; one that had summer coloured flowers with a small styrofoam bird perched on top, and one that had fall coloured leaves and flowers. I originally planned to use the summer coloured one, but the overall verdict from my brilliant assistants was that the fall coloured headpiece suited the scene best with the already changing leaves in the background.

The shot I was going for was to have Kaitlin standing beside Ghost, facing camera, with a very peaceful expression and mood. However, after a few moments of meeting Ghost, I knew she didn’t want to stay still for too long, especially with all of these strange people around. So, I photographed Kaitlin walking her through the field and it turned out that I still got that shot, plus some.

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