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Engagement Session – Megan and Robbie

I met Megan over a year ago when we talked about doing some photos for her graduation. Our schedules didn’t work out and other commitments came around so we didn’t end up shooting. However, about 6 months later she emailed to say she was getting married! So I got to meet Robbie and photograph their engagement session before I left for Squamish, BC. I will also be photographing their wedding in August, so I get to come back and visit!

My husband had already taken our car across the country by the date of their session, so they kindly picked me up from other shoot and drove us to Glen Arbour Golf Course. On the way out to Hammonds Plains, the car suddenly came to a slow roll and we had run out of gas! Turns out they were too excited about the shoot, they forgot to stop at the gas station beforehand :). Luckily, (because it’s Nova Scotia) within 2 minutes someone had pulled over to help us get the car into a safe position on the side of the road and to drive Robbie to the nearest gas station and back (Thank you!!). While Robbie was working on getting us back on the road, Megan and I took some shots to catch the fading sun.

Even though we lost the sun into the clouds by the time we got to the golf course and started shooting, we were able to get some awesome shots that have a certain feel to them that I absolutely love! The complete overcast during sunset created deep beautiful colours in the landscape. It was a little cold with no sun and a bit of wind, but Robbie did a great job of keeping her warm in his arms.

They are an adorable couple and I can’t wait to come back and shoot their wedding!

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