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Engagement Photography – Shauna and Jeff

It has always amazed me in Nova Scotia that everyone knows everyone. The theory of six degrees of separation could be condensed to three degrees for anyone who has ever lived in Nova Scotia. Shauna was given my name through another photographer, and when I mentioned to my husband that I was heading down to meet with her in Truro a few months ago, he immediately recognized the name and told me that not only did they live just up the street from his family, but his sister and Shauna had been childhood friends! It’s cool to see how people are connected, and it really is a small world.

I was looking forward to this shoot for quite a while as it was my first time photographing an engagement session on a farm. I could probably count the number of times I have actually been to a farm on one hand (three times being within the past year in Nova Scotia). I grew up in suburbia outside of Vancouver, BC, where dogs were the extent of animal life, so this was super exciting for me. Especially because they wanted some photos with the cows, and this was my first introduction to a cow! They were friendlier than I thought they would be and they were giving me a few good poses in front of the camera.

When we originally scheduled this shoot, it called for rain and freezing wind (…at the end of April! What’s up with that Nova Scotia?), so we rescheduled a couple of times until we took a bit of a chance on a cloudy day. We definitely lucked out with the weather, it was about 16 degrees which let us shoot for over an hour without anyone getting cold. We shot on a few spots throughout the farm which was great for all of us because it will be the location of the wedding too! The sun was going in and out of the clouds creating different lighting situations, and as it was starting to set we headed up to the gravel pit as our last location and we caught incredible colours in the sky.

Shauna and Jeff’s wedding will be another wedding that I will be flying from Squamish to photograph in Truro, and I can’t wait to see what the farm will look like!


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