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Boudoir Photography – Miss E

I always feel so honoured when I get the chance to share images from my boudoir sessions. I completely understand that some women like to keep their photos private, but I love when I can show off how beautiful my clients are!

We shot this session in her own home using mostly natural light shining into her living room. The walls and furniture were all white so I was able to use soft bounce flash and a reflector (held by my reliable reflector assistant, Carlyn) to create a little more pop to the images. I find with boudoir sessions that the less equipment I have to deal with, the easier it is to get the client comfortable. I would love to shoot with purely natural light, but sometimes the location, the weather or the setting doesn’t allow it.

Also, when I’m shooting in some locations where my 50mm lens can’t see the whole picture, I end up in some pretty funny shooting stances. I think in this case, I was shooting from one side of the room to the other with my head against the wall trying to get as far back as possible. Throughout the session I was lying on the floor, sitting in the window, kneeling on the edge of a couch and leaning over a counter. I think I should make another behind the scenes boudoir video to show how much of a work out it is! (Watch the first BTS video here). I won’t shoot with a smaller focal length (wider view) because it creates unwanted distortion. I would sacrifice the total view of a scene over stretched facial features or limbs. (Which can be fixed in post, but my goal is to be shooting more and editing less).

Having said that, I have a lot of editing and posting to catch up on, so keep checking back for more blog posts!

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