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I’ve finally had the chance to set up my computer and go through these images to make a blog post! It’s been a crazy past month to say the least (more on that later)!

I am thrilled to be able to share this boudoir session because it is PHENOMENAL. I repeat, PHENOMENAL.

We originally planned to shoot at a different location but when we arrived, there were people camping where we wanted to set up, so we quickly headed out to another spot. Having an audience during a shoot is weird enough, but with boudoir, you don’t want any on lookers.

Luckily for us, this light and location turned out even better than we could have planned. The lake was silent and still which allowed us to get great reflections in the water, and for the most part the mosquitos stayed away! There was a moment when we noticed a leech attached to her foot as she came out of the water, but she tore it off, went back in the water, and kept on going! #trooper

The extra travel time to the new location had us shooting at the exact hour that the sun was setting creating that BEAUTIFUL warm look. The outfits were chosen, the poses were mastered, and the expressions were perfected.

Miss J, you absolutely rocked your session.


I have once again found myself back in Vancouver from up North, but this time it’s to wait for my baby boy to arrive!

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Northern Health Care system, pregnant women in Fort Nelson are “not allowed” to give birth up there. Yes, it’s a thing – I was just as shocked to find that piece of information when we first moved there. The facilities and equipment are all available, but there are not enough qualified doctors to make the appropriate team to deliver babies. It’s an ongoing issue for the community and it’s an unfortunate struggle for everyone. Luckily, I have family in BC that I can stay with for the month leading up to my due date. Others are not as fortunate, and they spend a month living in a hotel in the closest town away, at a 4 hour drive – or farther! And yes, all expenses are out of pocket while you (and your partner) take time off work. However, it is rumoured that Fort Nelson will soon be getting more doctors and I hope that it’s true!

While impatiently waiting for my due date to come around (10 days away!), I volun-told my good friends Ainsley and Blair that they were overdue for some photos together. They have been dating for a few years now and, in my biased opinion, they needed some nice prints for their walls! They kindly agreed to my last minute recommendation because a) I will soon be fully occupied with a baby and b) we could get together on the last night before Ainsley went back to camp for work.

Ainsley is a geologist who has been spending her summers in the middle of BC, in the bush, with a few short breaks to come back home. We have known of each other since about Grade 6 when we were both invited to a mutual friend’s birthday party but we really became close throughout high school. Ainsley is my traveller; she has come to visit me in every town I have lived. First, in Wolfville, N.S. while I was attending Acadia University; then in Halifax, N.S. when James and I got married and I was attending photography school; then again to Halifax when we decided to stay there for a while; to Squamish, B.C. when we lived there for a short 6 weeks; and finally all the way up to Fort Nelson, B.C. She is down to earth, kind-hearted, and always game for whatever life throws at her.

Blair is a perfect match to Ainsley and they share the same sense of humour. He is caring, warm, and generous – and a firefighter;) They met at a party of mutual friends and were pretty much inseparable ever since. Their first date was a hike up the Stawamus Chief in Squamish, which says a lot about their shared interests and personalities. If you haven’t heard of the Stawamus Chief, it is a highlight for any avid hikers to complete the 3 peaks and be rewarded with a scenic view of Howe Sound. (I have yet to climb it, but walking basically straight uphill for 5 hours makes me think that I probably wouldn’t make it…) With their shared interest of the outdoors, it was only appropriate for Ainsley and Blair to take photos by the beach and our wonderful ocean.

I hope you enjoy these adorable images.


Parker Lake in Fort Nelson, BC is one of my favourite spots to photograph clients. When you first see it, you think – what is so special about this place? But if you stand in one spot and do a 360 degree look around, you’ll notice several different backgrounds and scenes. The actual “beach” at the lake is about 20 feet wide with a dock about 100 feet away. It’s not a lake that you would swim in, but there is the occasional boat or paddle boarder. In the summer I mostly see locals bring their dogs so they can cool off in the water.

Megan booked her session well in advance because she wanted to make sure we caught a summer feel to the images. I think they make an adorable couple and all I can think about with this session is that beautiful dusk light.


As I sit here and write this, it is -3°C outside. Over the last few weeks it hit almost 30°C and was feeling like the middle of summer, but now wet snow and rain have been falling for 2 days. Fort Nelson has the most unpredictable weather, and it adds another layer of complication to photography sessions. Unfortunately, that beautiful summer’s day you might have been planning for a few weeks can be completely ruined by weather you hoped to be done with a month ago. The point I’m making is that reschedules of sessions are the norm, especially in the North. So when Ashley realized that the sun would be non-existent for the rest of the week, we decided that day to schedule her engagement shoot for the same evening, and the weather was perfect.

Ashley and I share a passion for photography and similar situations have allowed us to become good friends. Both of us came to Fort Nelson following our significant others for work. My husband and I came indirectly from Nova Scotia. Ashley and Tom came from Australia. Proof that the North brings together people from all walks of life.

Ashley and Tom are an amazing couple. They are getting married in a few months back in Australia and I know it will be such a beautiful wedding – I can’t wait to see the pictures!

We shot this session just outside of town and I love the results.

Congratulations Ashley and Tom!

(And we can’t forget a star of the show – Berta the Shepherd!)

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